Who is Media Simplified?


Media Simplified Founder - Nicholas Friel

"We're just a couple of guys that have mastered getting customers online for Contractors.

Plain and simple.

We have both been helping grow local businesses with internet marketing for years.

But, when we realized how powerful intent-targeted ads are for rapid growth we made it our specialty!

We work with Contractors all across the country to bring in patients at a pace that no other advertising can compete with.

We know it can be tough for Contractors to find an advertising that really works in a measurable way for their Business.

We are numbers guys.

We're not T.V. or radio spots that give unpredictable (and unmeasurable) results.

We deliver new customers month in and month out for our clients.

Predictable and rapid results that can be shown on paper/your wallet.

That's why Contractors work with us."

-Nick Friel

Featured in 15+ National Publications and Counting!

Featured Guest Speaker at over 5 large marketing Seminars

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