We are the PREMIUM Lead Generation & Advertising Company when it comes to scaling a small business. We have seen success in every different vertical from Doctors to Roofers & we have been able to replicate that success for over 400+ American businesses including over 15 international businesses!

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New Customers On-Demand Program

Serving 8+ Different Niches

Coast to Coast Success


-All in One- Fully Automated - Built For You- CRM

Fully Automated GrowSimple CRM:

Conversations|Lead Nurturing|Appointment Setting|Pipeline Management

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Automated Voicemail/ Email
  • Power Dialer
  • List Reactivation + Follow up

  • 14 day FREE-Trial
  • Month to Month - No Contracts
  • One Time - Full Setup/ Training
  • 24/7 Customer Service Response
  • Websites/ Funnels
  • Surveys/ Forms/ Calendars
  • Google/ FB Review management
  • Custom Branding Package
  • Chatbot/ Website included

Who is Media Simplified?


Media Simplified Founder - Nicholas Friel

"We're just a couple of guys that have mastered getting customers online for Contractors.

Plain and simple.

We have both been helping grow local businesses with internet marketing for years.

But, when we realized how powerful intent-targeted ads are for rapid growth we made it our specialty!

We work with Contractors all across the country to bring in patients at a pace that no other advertising can compete with.

We know it can be tough for Contractors to find an advertising that really works in a measurable way for their Business.

We are numbers guys.

We're not T.V. or radio spots that give unpredictable (and unmeasurable) results.

We deliver new customers month in and month out for our clients.

Predictable and rapid results that can be shown on paper/your wallet.

That's why Contractors work with us."

-Nick Friel

Founder - Media Simplified & GrowSimple

Featured in 15+ National Publications and Counting!

Featured Guest Speaker at over 5 large marketing Seminars

So how are we different?

✔️We Produce over 800 Live + Exclusive leads

per day nationwide in 8 verticals

✔️We currently service 300+ live clients and counting and growing everyday

✔️We provide full spectrum custom branding for you to establish you as an authority at no charge

✔️We don't just provide you leads - we set your appointments for you as well

If Media Simplified Cant Provide you ATLEAST 20 Opportunities Per Month

- We Work For Free Until We Do -

It' s That Simple

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Video and Text Message Testimonials from Happy Clients

Dr. Damian O. - CT

DC - Owner

Dr. Leah G - PA

DC - Owner

Mario Pryor - GA

Roofing - Founder

Jeff Snyder - TX

Roofing - Founder

Dr. Marc W - SC

DC - Owner

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Hire a team of sales reps to power your business while you focus on scaling!

Hire appointment setters to make sure there pipeline stays full

Groom operations manager to take over day to day tasks of your business

Leverage automations to fill any necessary holes in your business model and watch as your business runs itself!

Whatever your need - We’ve Got You Covered

Brand Design & Strategy

We create our customers their own custom Brand Voice and Implementation Strategy. One that matches the clients core values and beliefs!

Social Media Management

Our goal is to help our clients establish a DOMINATING online presence. A presence that is informative and establishes authority, in order to create more sales online.

Audience Analytics

A good lead generation campaign gets you good leads. A GREAT lead generation campaign should be getting you great leads at the rock bottom price, month in and month out. Thats what audience analytics allows us to do!


In order to have a DOMINATING online presence. You need to be visible! We create a series of HUNDREDS of backlinks to your web, social and commerce pages to drive up SEO and increase your online ranking and visibility!


This is a fundamental value in marketing. Your campaign is only as good as its copy writing. Thats why we have an entire division of our team devoted to giving you the best copy available!

Team Training

Its not just enough to be able to help you close deals. We want to help you make this a rinse and repeat process so you can hire and train sales people with ease! Which allows you to focus on the important tasks only you can handle!

Website Development

No High performing company is complete without a Website that reflects their company properly. Our goal is to help create or transform your website so that it can be used as a way to generate sales, not just clicks!

Drip Marketing

The core philosophy of our follow up approach is mastering the art of creating touch-points. Our goal is to create as many high quality conversations for you as possible. We do this by creating strategic touch points with leads via our drip campaigns!

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