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How do I cancel?

If you are looking to cancel make sure to fill out the cancellation form at (atleast 72 hours before next renewal)
If you would like to keep access to your growsimple account for just $97 you can specify on the cancellation form.

How do i pause my account?

If you are just looking to pause your account you can do so at the same link as the cancellation
(Scroll down under the cancellation form and you will find the pause form)
***PLEASE NOTE*** If your pausing for more than 1 month you will need to put down a deposit to hold your spot

How do I request a new branding asset or website build?

To request a branding asset just go to the following link and specify the branding asset wanted in detail by filling out the branding request survey
Branding Request:

How do i return a lead with bad contact info?

Within the Video solution center found on your site. There is a short step by step video that overviews how to return leads and the correct parameters in which to do so. The link to the form to return leads for review is included below as well.
Video Solutions Center:
Return leads form:

I cant get ahold of my leads, what do I do?

Not to worry, if your having trouble getting ahold of your leads just go to the customer service form located at the link below and request a reactivation session on your leads. Our call center will call all of the leads you request of them.
Customer Service Form:

Can I earn leads and money by sending referrals or testimonials?

Yes! If you just go to the "Earn Leads" tab found on your Growsimple account and at the link below you can send in testimonial texts or videos to earn more leads. Or even earn Afilliate Commission $ by sending referrals!
Earn Leads:

Request a customer service check-in call?

To request a customer service call just fill out the customer service form on this page ( and make sure to schedule a time and date for us to get on a call!

How do I know when I get new leads?

Make sure to have the app "GrowSimple" download on your mbile phone and turn on "Allow App notifications" in your settings.
App download link Iphone: App download link Android:

Can I add team members?

Yes! Found within the video solution center on your Growsimple account you will find a step by step video that will walk you through the process of adding and setting up a new team member!
Vid Soution Center:

Can I add my own leads to reactivate?

Yes, but there are additional costs depending on the number of leads, ranging from $0.01 - $0.04. Found within the video solution center on your Growsimple account you will find a step by step video that will walk you through the process of adding your own leads to the account to reactivate!
Vid Soution Center:

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